The Closure

This is me. Except without skin. Or muscles. Or tissue. Or whatever is in between our exterior and interior. Actually. This is me on February 13, 2017. Totally. Absolutely. Positively. Crooked as hell.


This is the day when my #jackedupjaw journey began. In Dr. Piper’s office in St. Petersburg, Florida. When Dr. Piper, the man with the mustache, told me I would need surgery. Like a big surgery. Surgery that would require me to have my mouth shut for nine months. Yes. You heard me correctly. Nine months. Don’t believe me? You should read this: LaCroix and Mustaches

You know the whole B.C. and A.D. thing we follow. Because of Jesus. Pretty much the most important dude I know. And the man I love the most. Well. That’s kinda how I now define my life. Before the closure. After the closure. This is my story.

My Stories

Before the Closure

After the Closure




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